Our projects will set a standard for the responsible development of renewable energy projects in Central and South Eastern Europe which others will be inspired to follow.

Rezolv’s sustainability strategy has been built on industry best practice and adheres to international standards, including the Equator Principles and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards. It is designed to ensure that our projects support flourishing ecosystems and create long-term value for local communities, thereby leaving a lasting, positive legacy.

For Rezolv, the energy transition is an opportunity to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and generate long-term, positive environmental, social, and economic impacts in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Towards a Net Zero future

Rezolv was established to lead the energy transition in Central and South Eastern Europe.

This is a region which has historically relied on fossil fuels for most of its energy needs. There is therefore an urgent need to accelerate the transition to clean power, both to meet climate targets and to tackle air pollution, which continues to be a major health issue across most of the region. Our projects are at the forefront of this transition and will also facilitate the pursuit of net zero emissions for many corporate energy users.

However, we know that delivering climate solutions is not enough. We also need to limit emissions from our own operations and supply chains. Therefore, we are developing a net zero roadmap, including timelines and actions for setting science-based targets and a commitment to net zero latest by 2050. This not only supports our own sustainability goals, it also empowers our customers and suppliers to join us in taking meaningful climate action towards a net zero future.

Clean energy that protects and restores nature

We strive to ensure that each of our energy projects benefits the environment and supports flourishing ecosystems. We focus on using our resources efficiently and sustainably, bringing to life projects that have a positive impact on biodiversity.

As standard, we carefully consider and mitigate the effects on wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems to achieve no net loss of biodiversity. In parallel, we identify and proactively explore opportunities to deliver nature positive outcomes for biodiversity during the lifecycle of our projects.

Enabling a just transition for people and communities

Bringing people along with us is imperative to achieve an accelerated just and equitable energy transition and create shared value for businesses, society, the economy and the environment. ​

Without the support of the communities that live close to our sites, we would not be able to build and operate our projects successfully. Rezolv is committed to creating long-term value for these communities by working with local stakeholders to create opportunities and improve living standards for local people – both current and future generations.

This means helping communities to prosper in the long-term through:

  • Upholding leading standards for health and safety
  • Enabling equitable participation in the new energy economy by addressing the needs of minority or marginalised groups
  • Establishing leading standards for responsible business across our own operations, contractors, and suppliers

Governance that leads to sound decisions

We strive to achieve our sustainability objectives by consistently integrating sustainability and integrity into our organisation’s decision-making processes and the way we do business. 

Our sustainability priorities are underpinned by a clear governance framework that ensures transparency, accountability and oversight in decision-making.

We have a dedicated Sustainability Team to oversee and implement the sustainability strategy. The Sustainability Team is supported by a Sustainability subcommittee, made up of a broader group of people from across the business, and an Audit subcommittee leading on responsible business conduct.

Ultimately, accountability for all of these areas sits with Rezolv’s Management Board. Through this governance framework, we are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and to reporting on our performance in a fully transparent way.