We help you reduce your emissions and manage electricity price risks via Power Purchase Agreements.

We already have more than 4TWh per year in electricity output, and more than 2GW of clean power being prepared for construction in Romania and Bulgaria. Through our Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs), these solar and wind projects will provide electricity at a long-term, stable price for industrial and commercial users for decades to come.

The prospect of signing a PPA can be daunting for some businesses. Rezolv makes the process straightforward. We also have the flexibility to structure PPAs to customers’ needs.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

PPAs are long-term electricity contracts through which businesses purchase power directly from a renewable energy producer.

PPAs are based on a fixed or indexed price, meaning that customers have certainty about the price they will pay. The developer does too, which is why PPAs also have an important role in helping to finance renewable energy projects.

Why sign a PPA with Rezolv?

Be part of iconic renewable energy projects

Rezolv’s projects include Dama Solar, which will become the largest solar plant in Europe once it is operational, the VIFOR and Dunarea East & West Wind farms, two of Europe’s largest onshore wind projects, and St. George, which is set to become one of Bulgaria’s largest solar plants. By signing a PPA with Rezolv, you will help build iconic projects which will contribute to national emissions reduction targets, create jobs and deliver long-term value for local communities.

Our track record of delivery

Rezolv’s senior team has decades of clean energy experience. We previously built and operated major renewable energy projects across Central and South Eastern Europe. We know this region and we understand how to deliver large, complex wind and solar projects.

Our approach to Sustainability

We intend for our projects to set a standard for the responsible development of renewable energy projects in Central and South Eastern Europe – which others will be inspired to follow. We are working actively with local stakeholders to deliver long-term value for the communities that live close to our sites and are striving to ensure that all of our projects support flourishing ecosystems. These are projects with which any corporation would be proud to be associated.

The flexibility to shape a PPA to your exact needs

Rezolv is backed by Actis, one of the world’s most respected energy investors. That investment has enabled us to acquire very large projects. Utility-scale renewable energy plants deliver the lowest cost of electricity for everyone and give us greater flexibility to shape PPAs to customers’ exact power demand and sustainability goals.

What are the benefits of PPAs for corporate buyers?

A well-structured PPA will, in the long-term, reduce a company’s energy costs compared to traditional utility rates. There is a clear commercial rationale for signing a renewable energy PPA.

PPAs offer long-term price stability, protecting companies from volatile energy markets. Knowing how much you will be spending on your energy for the next decade or more also makes planning much easier. Furthermore, PPAs offer certainty about the long-term supply of that green electricity.

Renewable energy PPAs are a particularly attractive option for corporations that have committed to emissions reduction targets or are striving to improve their sustainability performance – which, increasingly, is a core expectation of customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees (as well as shareholders). PPAs are one of the most impactful ways available of reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions cost effectively.

PPAs also help finance renewable energy projects. By signing a PPA, companies are helping build the plants that will supply them with clean power. They are not just a way for businesses to benefit from the energy transition, they are a way for them to contribute – and be recognised publicly for doing so.

The difference between a physical and a virtual PPA

There are two types of PPA: physical PPAs and virtual PPAs (VPPAs).

Physical PPA

With a physical PPA, the buyer actually uses the clean power that is generated by the wind or solar plant. The renewable energy producer – Rezolv – and the buyer must therefore be based in the same country, or in neighbouring countries with connected grids, to enable the physical delivery of the electricity.

Virtual PPAs (VPPAs)

Under a VPPA, the buyer does not actually use the power which is generated by the renewable energy project, so there is no physical delivery of electricity. Instead, it is a financial contract, with the buyer receiving certificates to prove that the energy purchased came from a specific wind or solar farm. These certificates can be used for sustainability reporting. The clean power itself is fed into the grid.

VPPAs can be local (in the same country as the wind or solar farm) or cross-border. Through VPPAs, the energy from Rezolv’s current portfolio of projects can therefore be sold to off-takers based outside Romania and Bulgaria.

Contact our PPA experts

Rezolv’s team includes PPA experts who are here to help you understand the range of options available and to guide you through the process from start to finish. As well as helping structure a deal which fits your needs, we can also, if necessary, work with you to help secure buy-in within your own organisation.

Whether a PPA or VPPA makes the most sense for a business depends on a number of considerations. Not sure which would be the right option for you?

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