We enable a clean future by turning renewable energy projects into long-term operating wind and solar parks.

We are a highly experienced, independent renewable energy producer providing subsidy-free clean power at a long-term, stable price for industrial and commercial users across Central and South Eastern Europe.

Our business is built on a heritage of 15 years in clean energy and our senior team has decades of experience in the sector. We take renewable energy projects from late-stage development through construction and into long-term operation. Our team previously created and operated the largest wind farms in Croatia and the Czech Republic, and the largest independent wind farm in Romania.

Future reliance on fossil fuels is not viable. A combination of rising costs, growing security concerns and the need to meet climate targets is causing a rethink on energy usage and production across Europe.

We understand how to manage and deliver complex, important energy projects.

Today, with long-term, committed investment backing from one of the world’s most respected energy investors, Actis, we are building a multi-gigawatt portfolio that will help companies and countries meet their energy needs for decades. We already have over 2GW of clean energy being prepared for construction across across four sites in Romania and Bulgaria, and a strong pipeline of projects in development across several countries.

Meet the Rezolv team

To create a sustainable, equitable, clean energy future


To lead renewable energy solutions in the just transition to net zero in Central and South Eastern Europe

OUR Value Manifesto

At Rezolv Energy our values are the essence of our identity, guiding our actions and driving our commitment to a clean energy future.


Powering tomorrow, responsibly

Sustainability is our promise to champion clean energy solutions that not only address today’s energy needs but also safeguard the earth’s resources for future generations.


Guided by ethical excellence

Integrity lies at the heart of our every interaction in all facets of our business and within our team. Our behaviour, rooted in honesty and transparency, fosters trust and respect amongst ourselves, our partners, and the communities we serve.


Relentless pursuit of positive change

Commitment to our organisation, our goals, and our collective success fuels our pursuit of achieving our vision of a world empowered by sustainable energy.


United to propel progress

Collaboration is the uniting force that empowers us to merge our skills, knowledge, and ideas. By forging alliances within our team and with partners worldwide, we amplify our progress and accelerate the realisation of our shared goals.


Value through diversity

Inclusivity is our commitment to creating an environment where everyone is valued and heard, embracing the richness of our differences, enriching our ideas, and solutions, guiding us toward greater success.

Together with our stakeholders, we are crafting a legacy of sustainable development and shared prosperity.

Alastair Hammond, Rezolv CEO

Our Shareholder

Actis is a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure. Actis has raised US$24 billion since inception and operates with sustainability at its core. Actis believes Values Drive Value; through deep operational experience, on the ground presence and a value-led approach, Actis delivers competitive returns for its institutional investors and measurable positive impact for the countries, cities and communities in which it invests.

Actis is a signatory to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), an investor initiative developed by the UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact. The firm has consistently been awarded the highest rating score in the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) independent assessment.

Actis invests behind global themes and is an active owner, driving value to create sustainability leaders. The Actis Energy Infrastructure team invest on a global scale in buy and build power generation and distribution businesses, driven by strong market demand and growth, supporting the Energy Transition and accelerating the journey to Net Zero.

In Power Generation, Actis acquires and builds projects to create world-class generation businesses that will produce predictable cash flows. Its power generation investments are aligned to the Energy Transition with a strong focus on renewables and decarbonisation. The Actis Energy Infrastructure team is comprised of over 50 investment, operational and sustainability professionals who bring deep industrial expertise, aligned to all-important local knowledge, networks and relationships.

In 2021, Actis announced it had completed fundraising for Actis Energy 5, which represents US$6 billion of investable capital to accelerate the Energy Transition globally. The Actis Energy Infrastructure team has invested in over 70 renewable energy projects to date, with approximately 11GW of renewable energy capacity globally.

Visit www.act.is