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Rezolv Energy & Low Carbon sign finance facilities for up to €291 million to build the VIFOR wind farm in Romania

Bucharest, 13 June: Rezolv Energy and Low Carbon, through their project subsidiary First Looks Solutions S.R.L., have secured finance loan facilities of up to €291 million to support the Phase 1 construction of the ‘VIFOR’ wind farm, a major project located in Romania.

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What is driving the interest in PPAs that we are seeing from the automotive sector?

The first few articles in this series included some analyses of individual countries in Central and South Eastern Europe – specifically, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic.

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Even more urgency is required to meet the 2030 emissions targets in Central & South Eastern Europe

In the first two parts of this series, we explained why Rezolv is investing in Bulgaria and Romania. We focused on the impact that the development of renewable energy will have on emissions and human health. We also outlined why the energy transition is necessary for long-term economic competitiveness.

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The Czech Republic’s 2030 renewables target will only be achievable with rapid, widespread and coordinated policy change

In the third part of this series, we looked at the 2030 renewable energy and emissions reduction targets that are in place across Central and South Eastern Europe. We concluded that 2030 is not very far away and even more urgency is needed if there is a realistic chance of meeting them.

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Why is Rezolv investing in Romania?

We recently kicked off this series of articles on the clean energy transition in Central & South Eastern Europe by answering the question: why is Rezolv investing in Bulgaria?

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Why is Rezolv investing in Bulgaria?

Rezolv launched 18 months ago to accelerate the energy transition in Central & South Eastern Europe. We already have well over 2GW of clean energy being prepared for construction. This includes St. George, which will become one of Bulgaria’s largest solar plants, and Dama Solar, which will be the largest solar project anywhere in Europe once it is operational. We also have more than 1GW of wind power under construction in Romania.

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Rezolv Energy acquires rights to develop Bulgaria’s largest solar plant

Rezolv Energy, an independent renewable energy producer focused on Central and Southeastern Europe, has acquired the rights to build and operate a 229 MW solar plant in Silistra Municipality in north-eastern Bulgaria. Named ‘St. George’, construction is due to start before the end of this year; the plant is expected to be completed in early 2025. Once constructed, it will be the largest solar plant in Bulgaria.

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Rezolv Energy celebrates first year milestone

We recently gathered in Prague to celebrate a memorable event, marking Rezolv Energy’s one year of success. Today, as we officially turn one, it’s the perfect moment to pause and reflect on our remarkable journey over the past 12 months.

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Rezolv announces 600MW of new onshore wind capacity in Romania

Rezolv Energy, an independent clean energy power producer focused on sustainable power in Central and South Eastern Europe, has announced its third significant deal since it was established in August 2022.

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