Located in north-west Arad County, close to the 400 kV transmission ring and within proximity of interconnection points with Hungary.

The project location is secured, situated on a large flat site, benefitting from good solar irradiation and energy yield. The power plant is in a final development stage with confirmed capacity for grid access close to the site and construction is expected to start in summer 2023.

The project will have an installed capacity of 1,044 MW and will become the largest solar plant in Romania and Europe. The annual estimated energy production of the plant will be able to cover the consumption of over 280,000 households, or close to 1 million people, and will create over 500 new jobs in the next three years. The power will be sold to commercial and industrial users through long-term Power Purchase Agreements.

In addition, the PV plant will have remarkable contribution to the decarbonisation plan of Romania and helps to achieve its renewable energy targets for 2030. Furthermore we are evaluating the future addition of substantial energy storage to enhance the project’s ability to provide a firm supply profile which will make the project more attractive to corporate and industrial off-take clients.

The project will be designed, constructed, and operated to the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, with a particular emphasis on integrating symbiotic agricultural activities on the site to increase biodiversity. Much of the low-quality agricultural land will be returned to pasture, with sheep managing the vegetation through grazing. Also, we are dedicated to work together with the local communities and ensure that the project provides consistent, long-term advantages to them and to the world as well.