How Companies and Governments can take advantage of a new wave of clean, secure, cost-effective energy

Ready for Renewable energy

Europe’s energy landscape looks very different today. While a mild winter meant the continent avoided a full energy crisis, the new reality for countries across Europe is focused on two key drivers: energy security and carbon intensity.

The first, unfortunately, looks unlikely to resolve any time soon as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues. 

The second, driven by reform of EU electricity market rules and a new target for renewable energy of 42.5% of the bloc’s total energy, looks set to change how Europe thinks about energy generation and consumption.

Many commentators and politicians have been quick to point to wind and solar as the solution to both issues. For Central and Eastern Europe, blessed with consistent, strong winds and long hours of sunshine, it’s time to turn this idea into reality.

Founded in 2022, Rezolv was set up to do just that, creating a business full of experienced clean energy developers and operators with a vision to rapidly build renewable capacity across Central and Eastern Europe for commercial and industrial users.

The Renewables opportunity

Several forces are converging to drive rapid adoption of renewable energy across CEE. Both companies and governments are increasingly keen to take advantage of this trend. 

  • Lowering cost while improving security: The cost of renewable energy has continued to fall. The factors that have driven renewable costs down also look set to continue. Efficiency gains from better solar panel materials and larger, stronger wind turbines will continue to develop while data analysis techniques also improve. 
  • Bringing power online at speed:  The war in Ukraine has made it clear Europe needs to be able to bring new sources of power online quickly. Wind and solar sites can be built in two years or less, helping to decarbonize CEE over the next half decade.
  • Tackling corporate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions: The growing focus on corporate emissions shows no sign of slowing, particularly as more institutional investors insist on strong emissions goals. Renewable energy offers a direct benefit in reducing direct corporate and supply chain emissions. 
  • Getting ahead of carbon pricing: Carbon prices under the EU Emissions Trading System have risen steadily in recent years and in 2022 reached a record high of €100 per tonne. Switching to cleaner sources of energy like renewables can help companies drive down their carbon costs. 

4 ways to speed-up renewables across Central and Eastern Europe

Renewable energy is growing, but more can be done to harness its benefits. 

Four areas in particular can help accelerate renewable adoption and open up opportunities for companies and governments to access wind and solar energy.

1. Accelerate Power Purchase Agreements between companies and providers

The market for PPAs – energy contracts signed directly between companies and renewables providers – has grown rapidly in Western Europe, with over 20GW of clean energy signed so far. 

In CEE, the market has barely started beyond Poland, but is expected to grow as more renewable energy supply finally becomes available. 

Providers like Rezolv are helping to drive this growth by providing companies with long-term, competitively priced clean energy supplies.

2. Encourage supportive regulation at both national and European level

A supportive regulatory environment is important for the growth of corporate PPAs. Romania is a perfect example: having lifted its ban on PPAs in 2022, it now has over 7 GW of renewable projects scheduled for completion by 2030, several of which will be financed through PPAs.

The European Commission’s proposed reform of electricity market rules should encourage other countries to break down remaining barriers to PPAs.

3. Build a thriving renewables economy and supply chain

Western Europe has increased renewable energy generation while building supporting domestic supply chains. This has led to job creation, skills development, research & development investment, and worker retraining. 

Central and Eastern Europe can replicate this with its own centres of excellence to speed up clean energy deployment and ensure more people benefit from this clean power surge.

4. Create benefits for communities, as well as end-users

Responsible development of renewable projects should always be at the front of developers’ minds. Communities welcoming projects will be partners for 20 years or more, which makes their support vital. 

In return for that commitment, making a positive difference beyond just job creation becomes crucial. 

At Rezolv this is something we’re actively working on at each of our sites. Consultation is under way with communities on what they would value, and how to deliver it. 

This should be a template for renewables development by companies across CEE. 

About Rezolv and how to work with us

Rezolv is an independent renewable energy producer that provides clean power to industrial and commercial users across Europe. 

We were founded in 2022 to address the energy challenges caused by rising costs, growing security concerns, and the need to meet climate targets.

We are building a large portfolio of wind and solar assets to meet growing demand for clean, secure energy. In less than a year, we have built a portfolio of over 2GW of clean energy in development and a strong pipeline of projects across Central and Eastern Europe. 

We are backed by long-term investment from Actis, one of the world’s most respected energy investors.

If you would like to know more about how Rezolv can help with your clean energy needs, contact us at